July 27, 2004

I've not been feeling well since yesterday. I went to the doctor for a checkup along with Amma, Thatha and Paati. Amma's doctor was too busy but mine wasnt. I was given an injection (I still dont know what for!) and drops. When I returned home, I was really feeling bad and I was sobbing most of the time. I couldnt even sleep. The doctor had given a medicine to relieve some of the pain but that has not helped too much. This morning I am feeling slightly better even though I make it a point to complain to anyone who tries to talk to me and tell them about how much pain I am suffering. I talked to Appa this morning and he told me that the pain will go away soon and that I'd be normal by tonight. I was very happy yesterday when my doctor checked me and confirmed that I weigh 5 kg (or more, if you include the diaper and my clothes). She asked Amma if I responded to voices, colours, people and Amma proudly said that I did. I wanted to ask the doctor about when I could go to Bangalore, but I thought it'd be better to check with Amma's doctor as well. Its not enough if I'm ok, Amma needs to have recovered too, right?!

Last Sunday was a great day, I had lots of visitors. Appa came from Bangalore and then Sansui Thatha and Sat Chitappa arrived a while later. I was fast asleep when they all arrived but I woke up a while later and played with them for sometime. I got a couple of dresses as gifts from Thatha and a set of socks as well! Sat Chitappa will be my best friend because he was the only one who made sure that I didnt get disturbed by anyone when I was asleep. Appa, Amma and Thatha, all of them wanted to wake me up for some reason or the other - either to play with me or because it was food time. I slept through most of the day and didnt even care to wake up when Thatha's friend and his wife came to see me or when Krishnan Chinna Thatha and Chitra Chitti Paati visited us. In the evening when I was forcibly woken up by Amma, I played with everyone for some time and was really confused and kept turning my head from left to right because I'd never really seen so many people at the same time! Appa left for Bangalore first and then Thatha & Chitappa left later and the house suddenly became really quiet again.

I'm sleeping for longer periods of time nowadays, mostly at night though. I'm normally awake from around 7pm till around midnight and then from 2am to 4am. I wake up a few times during the day (its actually night as far as I am concerned) too. So any of you who wants to play with me should keep these timings in mind!

That is all for now. Hopefully I won't be feeling feverish any more and I'll have lots more stories to tell you next time. Bye!

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