July 07, 2004

On Sunday, I had my Punyavachanam! I was actually awake (and kept Trichy Thatha & Paati as well as Amma awake too!) and was just about settling into my sleep around 4 am when Appa came. Soon Trichy Paati bathed me while I was still asleep. Most of the time I dont really know I'm being bathed until she tries to clean my face, thats when I really scream out. Unfortunately she's too used to handling babies and doesnt get scared when I express myself forcefully. Since I was going to be the star of the show, Amma and Paati ensured that I wore diapers.

Janu Paati and Sat Chitappa came in around 545 am from Madras. I had last seen them a day after I was born. They didn't say anything about me having grown or put on some 'sadhai'. I guess all that intake is being exhausted too rapidly with my kicking. Everyone who came to the function (lots of Chinna Thathas, Chitti Paatis, Mama Thatha, Mami Paati, Chitappas, Chittis and Atthai) came to know about my schedule. Appa was telling everyone that I'm would grow up to be a total cinema nut because my timings were 1, 4, 7, 10 :)

After Appa had sat through some of the early part of the poojai, Amma and I joined him. I was placed in a moram [apparently this ritual was because I was delivered through an operation]. Then the floor was thrown open to the other names I'd be given. Janu paati had come from Madras armed with Thaiyalnayaki & Rukmini. Trichy paati countered these names with Tejaswini. Amidst all this, everyone forgot that Appa and Amma had actually wanted me to be called Jaagruthi! Appa didn't seem too pleased at this sudden turn of events and he threatened to walk out of the function if everyone had their say in naming me. Ultimately things cooled down and I was given all four of those names.

Then I was put on a thottil which was originally Chitra perimma's cradle. She is Amma's elder sister in New York. Perimma and Roby perippa have a wonderful daughter - my akka called Krupa who is just 11 months old. I feel so happy that I'll see them in a few months time at Bangalore.

Amma then whispered all my names into my ear. Then Murthy mama thatha wrote all my names on rice. Actually either Ganesh mama or Mahesh mama must have done this, but neither of them turned up. I am going to ask Mahesh mama for an explanation when he comes to Trichy this weekend. Then I had the time of my life [well so far!] when Manju Atthai put soooooo many bangles on my hands and anklets on my legs. I really do love the sound they make. I got so many more gifts that day - lots of dresses, money, dolls etc. I think there should be have been one punyavachanam for every name that I was given.

PS: I also wonder why Kaushik Chitappa never even bothered to even touch me, let alone carry me!

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