August 05, 2004

I saw Appa again last weekend. He looked different this time with a beard. Not that it affected me though. In fact he arrived earlier than usual and so I was actually awake to see him! I showed him my new habit of giving a smile whenever Amma says 'Ennnnnna daaaa' in a musical tone and he looked totally thrilled seeing me smile!

I stayed awake for a while longer entertaining everyone around and forgot all about my morning walk with Thatha. He takes me around the house and shows me all the rooms, kitchen, puja room, fridge, tv set etc. I'm going to ask him to take me to the backyard too and also the first floor. I really would love to make friends with the hens and chickens next door. As if to prove that I wanted to be awake when everyone else was, over the last week I've been sleeping around midnight, waking up a couple of times and then am awake around 6 am onwards. I take a few naps, not more than half an hour each, after food. I insist on being awake when everyone else is having their food. In the evenings, I wake up any time from 6 pm to 8 pm and I love it when I'm taken to the living room so that I can watch the TV serials with everyone else!

Appa also surprised me by not catching the Sunday train. Turns out he had taken leave on Monday. That was really thrilling since it meant I could play with him, be hugged and carried by him for another day! He doesn't like it when I put my fist into my mouth though. In fact I sense he likes playing a game with me where he just keeps blocking my hand from going anywhere near my mouth for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden he stops preventing me and when I try to put it into my mouth, I've forgotten how to do it. I'll soon figure out how to beat him at his own game!

Appa and Amma love it when I try to express myself and try to say something by smiling, opening my mouth and since I try to get some sound out, I just keep waving my arms around, often in a circular fashion. It is almost as though I'm winding myself up to say something!

This time around, Appa took a few snaps of me when I was awake. In case you're wondering, this is how I look now.

Wide awake and posing

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