August 18, 2004

The last few days have mostly been filled with frustrating attempts to turn over by myself to my side and then topple over to lie upside down. I'm just two months old but I just cant resist the urge to see how the floor looks so that when I will be able to balance myself properly on my hands, I can start digging into the floor and eat some of the tasty things I find there which everyone told me were bad!

Appa came over for a one day visit on Sunday and he tried to ensure that I stopped putting my fist into my mouth to suck on it. I dont think he succeeded. I am letting you all in on how I dupe Amma, Thatha and Paati and suck my fist. When I'm taken to the hall, normally in the evening, to watch television serials with them, I try to turn towards the TV set and when I'm lying on my side, I start sucking on my thumb. If I could, I'd in fact put both my fists into my mouth. I dont know why, but I really like the taste. I hope to bring my feet towards my mouth as well soon!

I end up making the mistake of sucking too loudly, sometimes making more noise than the TV. That ends up attracting their attention and my game is found out. I will need to think of a better way to fool all of them.

Nowadays Amma bathes me and it really feels good. I still cry when anyone (she or Paati) tries to clean my face or my head. Now that Amma is able to give me a bath, it means she can more or less handle me all by herself and that means we will be able to get to Bangalore real soon. From what I've heard and figured out, we're going to Bangalore for two or three days in early September and then we go to Madras for a few weeks. After that we come to Bangalore with no more visits!

I need to start packing all my clothes. Till last week, my wardrobe typically consisted of a few tops and torn bits of Thatha's veshtis. Nowadays I get to wear a bottom as well. Appa, Amma and I went out to the nearby temple and I didnt quite enjoy the sudden sunlight and the noise made by all the traffic. But it was great fun to go out. Amma carried me to the temple and Appa took his turn when we came back. I'm in fact a real chamatthu because yesterday Amma went out with her friend Vidya chitti's mother after putting me to sleep. I didnt wake up midway wailing that Amma was not around. She told me that she really enjoyed going out, but she'd prefer if she could take me along as well. I hope that will also happen soon.

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