September 09, 2004

Over the last week or so I've met more people than I ever have in the last three months! Amma and I packed up our clothes, toys etc. and along with Trichy Thatha and Paati, left by train for Bangalore last Thursday night. At Trichy station, I was really thrilled seeing so many people going here and there. I kept jerking my neck from left to right to keep count of how many new people I'd seen.

On the train, I slept more than I normally do, mainly because of the rocking movements. So I was wide awake when we got close to Bangalore. I am extremely cross with Indian Railways. Our train got delayed by over an hour and instead of arriving at 530 am, we only reached Cantonment station at 630 am. Amma told me that this train always does it whenever she comes to Bangalore. Anyway when we got off the train, I was joyfully received by Appa and Santhanam Thatha. He had reached Bangalore just around half an hour before our train arrived and Madras Paati was already at Royal Palms getting things ready for the homam duing the weekend. We took a taxi to our new home while Appa came by his bike. I'd love to go on the bike too with Appa and Amma, but its definitely not going to happen for a couple of months at least.

After we reached home, Madras paati welcomed us with an 'aarathi' and then I was taken around the flat by Appa. I was given a couple of grains of sugar and I really liked the taste and repeatedly did a 'tack' with my tongue in appreciation. The Bangalore weather was quite cold and so I had to wear some nice warm clothes all the time. I slept for a while, then I got into my normal schedule pretty soon. It was exciting being in a new place and I could sense it because I kept looking around the room I was in. I was constantly wondering about why this place looked different from the Trichy house and sometimes I felt scared and cried. Then at night, there was a long power cut for nearly 5 hours. I was made to lie down in the hall along with Trichy paati. I slept well for a few hours mainly because the weather was so good that I didnt even realize there was no fan running.

Next day early in the morning, I went and snuggled up right in between Madras Thatha and Paati. Soon Sat Chitappa also arrived, completely shivering from the cold weather which greeted him. He played with me for a while and then I went off to sleep. Some workers came into the flat to do some grill painting, door painting, hole drilling etc. I got afraid and irritated with the noise and hugged Trichy paati tightly when I was asleep in her lap. Then the preparations for Sunday's homam started. Appa and Trichy thatha went and got bricks and sand while both grannies plotted out what else was required for the homam. Santhanam Thatha and Sat Chitappa played with me for a while when everyone else was too busy with the homam preparations. Amma tried to catch up on some sleep and she also went around the entire complex along with Appa. This was the first time she was seeing the apartments after five months and she really liked the progress. I will definitely go on a round once my pram comes here.

Next day I got up at my usual time and I managed to escape getting a morning bath because the homam was starting at 730 in the morning. The sastrigal arrived and he got things ready. Apparently I will be referred to as "Rukmini" when it comes to my name being introduced to the gods. I dont like it, I will always be Jaagruthi! Why were Trichy paati and Madras paati introduced as Indira and Janaki which are their real names but not me?! Apart from not using my correct name, the sastrigal was very friendly. He took me into his lap and I was surprised at how fast he seemed to be saying something. Apparently, those are called mantras. Anyway, after some time I decided that I needed other forms of entertainment. So I insisted on being carried around the house again so that I could get used to the place.

Appa and Amma presented both their parents & Satish Chitappa with new dresses which they wore in the evening. Trichy Thatha and Paati left for Trichy by the evening train. I wasnt able to say bye to them because I was fast asleep. Then we started packing for our night train to Madras. We went by a taxi to the station and I sat in the front seat with Appa. I couldnt really enjoy the trip though because I was fast asleep. I woke up after we reached the station and found that Bangalore station didnt have as many people walking about as Trichy station did. The train only arrived after midnight by when I was really hungry. Appa, Amma and I got into the air-conditioned compartment and I felt relieved. I had a reasonably good nap and was woken up when we reached Madras around 730 am. Sekar Chinna Thatha had come to the station to receive us and we went to Park Villa, where Madras Thatha, Paati & Satish Chitappa stay.

It was again a new house for me to get adjusted to. I tried to sleep for a while but my schedule had got affected over the last 3-4 days. Maybe I'll start sleeping more during the night and make sure Amma gets enough sleep. After some time, people started coming to visit us - well specifically me of course! First it was Abiramapuram Kollu Paati and Thatha. Then it was Sirkazhi Kollu Thatha and Paati. I noticed that she had worn a new saree and so I promptly wet it. She made the mistake of making me lie down on her legs. Its my bathing position and I always urinate when I lie down like that. She'll remember henceforth :)

In the afternoon when Appa was clearing out his almirah, I was asleep. After a while when he came to keep something in Thatha's cupboard, I had already woken up. But I didnt cry at all and when I saw him, I purred, as if to say I was awake and alone. He really liked the fact that I wasnt even crying and said I was a real samatthu kutti! YAAAY for me!

At night there were more visitors - Sekar Chinna Thatha had brought Padma Chitti Paati and Aravind Chitappa along. Aravind Chitappa is 10 years older than me and he seemed thrilled that there was someone younger than him! Mathangi Atthai also came to see me. She and Aravind Chitappa were bent on waking me up and Appa allowed them to wake me up only when it was past 8 pm. I played with them for a while. Then I went to sleep again around 11 pm and woke up a couple of times at night. I was up and awake from around 5 in the morning and played with everyone for a couple of hours.

I saw Ganesh uncle on Tuesday morning. Radha aunty couldnt come along since she wasnt well. I'm thrilled at the fact that they're going to have a baby soon ... younger to me! He played with me for a while and seemed really excited to meet me. Then I met my other set of kollu thatha and paati - chinna kollu thatha and paati. I really liked lying down on kollu paati's lap. I dont know why but I felt really comfortable being with her - maybe it was because she wore two noserings like Trichy paati does or maybe Amma had seen her many times when I was still in Amma's tummy. At night, I met Ramani Mama Thatha and Kripa Atthai (or should I call her something else?). I think I'll learn the numbers from 1-100 pretty soon given the number of people I'll be seeing over the next few weeks!

As you can see from the snap, I can now turn onto my stomach very easily even though I'm not yet 3 months old. Does that make me a prodigy? The moment I'm put down on a bed, my first instinct is to turn to my left and get onto my tummy. But suddenly on Tuesday, I seemed to have forgotten how to flip over and cried in irritation when I was not able to lie down on my belly. Appa and Amma helped me out by taking my arm from under my chest and putting it by my side so that I could pivot easily. Now I dont have a problem.

I was actually asleep like this on Monday night!

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