November 22, 2004

I am now back in Bangalore after a short trip to Trichy. There we celebrated Deepavali. I met another cousin Sharan, who lives in Saudi Arabia. He is older than me and Krupa akka, so I didnt get to play too much with him. Krupa akka though really wanted to play with him and kept chasing him. I didnt get too afraid of the crackers during Deepavali, except my sleep used to get disturbed. When Appa suddenly burst a cracker [he is supposed to warn me, isnt he?] in front of the house, it shocked me and I cried for a while. But overall it was quite enjoyable. I got a new dress from Ganesh mama and I wore a dress given by Praveen mama when we met him sometime ago. I also got a valayal and anklets for my tiny feet.

Hey I forgot to tell you. The three ducks you saw in my previous photo are actually Appa, Amma and me! The one I am clinging onto is me. I've learnt a few new tricks since I last wrote to you. My foot goes into my mouth now and I sometimes try to put both feet in. Then I can now stand on all fours, like an elephant. It took me quite a few days to get it right but finally I have managed it. Now I need to find out how to get ahead and crawl. Then comes walking ... there's a long way to go! My other trick is that when I am lying on my back, if you give me your fingers when you're standing, I will grab them and try to sit down. I can sit down for a few seconds, after that I just topple over. My back isnt stable yet, you see.

When Amma sings 'Twinkle twinkle little star' to me, I watch all her hand movements and I keep following her fingers. I can see things which are a little far away ... like if Amma is in the bedroom busy with something and I am alone in the living room, I squeel out when I see her to grab her attention.

It took me a long time to figure out if Krupa akka and Sharan anna were big, huge toys which moved. I still dont know. Sharan anna did play with me a few times while Krupa akka played with me a lot more including a lot of konjals. She kept saying 'Baby, Baby' and imitating me when I cried. I hope I can also do that one day possibly to an even smaller baby than me!

At Trichy, I met another great grandmother. Amma calls her 'Unnuma'. I really liked her and she seems very similar to Trichy paati. Since she had come over to Bangalore and taken care of Amma when I was still developing in her stomach, I hit it off very well with her and smiled a lot at her. We went to Nallur temple just before Deepavali. I couldnt sleep properly there since there was no place for me to. I need a completely silent place and obviously that couldnt happen at a temple. But I met lots of people there and so that compensated for the lack of sleep.

Hey, do you all have a tongue too? I just found out a few days ago that I had one too. I've started eating Nestum rice ragi since I went to Trichy and so when I was eating it, I realized that there was something in my mouth which was taking in the ragi. Then I saw that it was a nice pink coloured thing and its apparently called a tongue. I keep snaking it out now and then to make sure its still there and still pink in colour.

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