August 31, 2004

I normally dont look forward to visiting the doctor, but last week was special. It would be the last time I'd go to the Trichy doctor for a looooooooooong while, hopefully! Actually my excitement started on Thursday when all of a sudden we left for Amma's school friend Praveen mama's wedding with Nisha aunty (or well, mami - but she's only 20, so I dont know if she'll like me calling her mami!). We left by taxi in the afternoon. The ride to Tanjavur was quite exciting but I felt too sleepy, so I slept most of the time. It was not a comfortable journey though since I'd never gone for such a long period of time in any vehicle.

After we landed at the mandapam in Tanjavur, I promptly woke up and flashed my million rupee smiles to everyone who came and played with me or spoke to me. But we didnt spend too much time there and so we left soon after Thatha, Paati and Amma had dinner. I'd love to have stayed back and played with Praveen mama's niece who is just a month or so older than me. But then, who listens to me?!

The journey back to Trichy was not enjoyable at all. I didnt feel like sleeping so I insisted that Amma must either put me on her lap or carry me in her arms. But I felt stuffy when I was on her lap and when I was on her shoulder, the lights from the cars behind us affected me and I hated it and so I cried a lot. It was a huge relief when I got home to familiar surroundings. Thatha commented that I had already gone for an outing by auto a few times and now it was a taxi outing. Next week I'd go in a train too! Am I excited or what?!

On Friday, I had to go to the doctor for my next injection. I hate injections. They cause me to cry more than ever. It is painful and in addition I have to take a few drops of medicine also to make me better. If I could, I'd tell the doctor that I didnt see the point in poking me with an injection and causing pain and then giving medicine to drive the pain away. Just dont give me the injection, doctor aunty! So for most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was moaning and complaining. I can now easily lie on my side for long periods of time. Unfortunately the doctor had given me an injection in my bum on the side which I prefer lying down on. So I wasnt able to even sleep properly and I cried even more. Since I couldnt lie down, someone had to keep carrying me. Amma didnt know what to do. She has also been without sleep during most of the nights since I stay awake. So she felt frustrated when I cried. I will try to change my sleep pattern slowly and let Amma get more sleep. I am much better now. But I still hate injections!

I have now progressed from turning onto my side to completely toppling over. I use my arms as a pivot. I discovered I could do it when I was lying on my side, busy sucking on my fist. Then with one motion, I managed to fix my hand on the floor and turn around completely all by myself. So I started doing this more and more often and now am an expert at it. I do fall over a few times, but thankfully Amma keeps a pillow below my face so when I lose my balance, I just bury my face in the pillow. When I lift my head up, I have no idea what happened! Trichy paati keeps saying "Viddhai kaatardhu kutti papa" (doing acrobatics). She speaks to me in a high pitched voice as though she is singing to me. I really like talking to her and playing with her. But I just dont like the liquid she forces me to drink in the morning.

Sansui Thatha & Janu Paati returned to Madras after a week's vacation in Thailand and Cambodia. They really enjoyed themselves. When they spoke to Amma on Sunday, I screamed out loud and clear indicating that I also wanted to speak to them. They were surprised at how loud I was. Oh yes, I can be quite loud. My voice carries to Bangalore and Madras easily! But Appa sometimes confuses the voices from the cocks and hens next door to mine. Day before yesterday when Amma was talking to him, he told Amma to see if I was crying. I was not, it was the chickens next door! Yesterday, when I suddenly woke up from my sleep and started crying, he didnt tell Amma because he thought it was the chickens again! What to do with him?!

We have now started packing our bags. First we go to Bangalore on Friday and then leave for Madras on Monday. All my toys will come along with me. My pram may not, since it is a little too big and we have a lot of luggage already. Of course, I dont count as part of the luggage. But I'm very important!

This photo was taken when I was rudely woken up ... possibly by Appa!

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