September 21, 2004

Over the past few weeks, I've now started to put together sentences like 'Waawaa wuu wuuu gu gu glug glug '. My pastime nowadays is to have a little bit of saliva in my throat and say 'Aaaaaaaakkkkkk'. I have great fun when I hear myself. But sometimes I stay quiet for very long periods of time, content to gnaw away at my lower lip. Appa and Amma are afraid that I'll end up eating it up and not having a lower lip at all. Let me get teeth first!! I also love my daytime sleep and nowadays I sleep for hours at a stretch ... from 6 in the evening till well into the night. Amma wakes me up to ensure I dont stay hungry. Well, mostly Madras Thatha tries to wake me up in the middle after returning from work because he wants to play with me but Amma & Paati stop him.

Soooo many people have now seen my demonstration of how I easily flip over onto my stomach. It has now become child's play for me, really! I almost always sleep on my stomach and since my neck has become stronger now, I am able to hold it up for longer periods of time. Almost as a rule, when I wake up, if I cant find Amma around me, I look around for some of my toys and books. I greet them with a good morning. I especially love the yellow duck book. My other best friends are curtains. I love watching them move around and I talk to them. They come in all sorts of colours so it is very nice to watch them too.

A few days after I came to Madras, Trichy Thatha started missing me a lot. So he came to see me. I was awake at that time and we played for a while. Then I caught him off guard and urinated on his veshti. It was the first time I had done it to him and I was really thrilled. In fact everyone was. Trichy paati was doubly thrilled because thatha always used to ensure that he'd lift me/play with me only after I'd emptied myself. He brought my pram which Sekar chinna thatha had bought for me when I was in Trichy. Initially I didnt like being in the pram, I felt cramped for space. More importantly, I couldnt flip over upside down in it and I cried out in protest. Gradually I've started liking it. Santhanam Thatha and Janu paati make it a point to put me inside the pram every morning and evening. In fact sometimes they've even taken me to the gate of the apartment and I can see cars, bikes, cycles and people whizz past me. Some of my toys are also hung in the pram so that I can watch them move, talk to them and get a thrill out of it. I went to the nearby park a few days ago with Amma. She showed me so many people and cars when we were on the way there. When we reached the park, many people were walking around the park in circles. Many of them stopped to say 'hello' to me and say how cute and samatthu I was.

I have met so many people over the last month or so that I cant even remember them. Sometimes, even when it is someone I have met before, I feel that this is a new person and I pout my lips and begin to cry. I've done this to Sirkazhi kollu paati twice already and she wasnt too happy about it! I went to Meena chitti paati's new house celebration function and I met lots of new people there - Murali chinna thatha, Priyanka atthai, Seshu chinna thatha, Susheela chitti paati, Seenu Mama thatha and Raju mama thatha. Trichy thatha's brother Kalli chinna thatha came to see me along with chitti paati a few weeks ago. Yesterday Vasan chinna thatha came to see me after specifically finding out if I was awake or not. We had a lot of fun when he kept needling Santhanam thatha about his attempts to make me smile. Sriram chitappa, who has come from London, also came to see me. He is getting married next year to Kripa atthai!! I will be a year old then so I really hope I can wear a nice colourful paavadai at the marriage and catch everyone's attention. Kripa atthai was saying she wanted me to sit with her during the oonjal function.

I met my cousin Prithvi, who is just over a month older than me. He had come home with Sowmya Chitti, Jaya chitti paati & Chinna thatha. I didnt get to know him too much since we ended up taking turns to bawl our throats out. He does have very big ears though, so it could be interesting gnawing on it when I feel like I'm growing some teeth. When I see the way he grabs people's fingers, toys and books shown in front of his face, I feel so thrilled thinking that I will also be able to do this soon! I somehow manage to grab some toys, but I take a long while to get around to grabbing them. I met him again last Sunday when we had gone to his place. I was not in a great mood to play because I was quite hungry and sleepy. I think he can have his ears for a few more months.

I got my thigh punctured on Monday by the doctor. It was very painful and as before, I cried a lot. Ok well, getting the injection on the thigh was better than having it on the bum because at least it meant I could try to lie on my back. But ever since I found that the world looks far better upside down, I always roll over onto my stomach. I tried my best to do that and everytime I did it, it was very painful. Amma really took care of me a lot at night and had me on her shoulders for a lot of the time. Thatha, Paati and Satish chitappa also tried to reduce my crying by taking care of me or playing with me. The pain reduced towards the night and I actually slept uninterrupted from midnight to early morning. Throughout the night, Amma ensured that I was not in any pain because as was my habit, I tried to sleep on my stomach and somehow managed it and moaned in pain during my sleep. My next injection is a month away, but it will be in Bangalore and Appa should be around then!

I will be going to Bangalore by the Thursday night train!! Yippee!! Appa says that he will try to have a brand new baby cot ready for me where I can roll around to my heart's content. Unfortunately though I will be restricted by the sides of the cot. Who knows, you may soon see me holding the side of the cot and attempting to stand up!

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