December 16, 2004

Six months old!

Hello again! I now speak as a six month old! Yes, I turned six months four days ago and I feel as great as I did when I became a month old. Unfortunately though, becoming six months old meant that I had to have my injection. Thankfully the pain didnt last beyond five minutes and I didnt get a fever. Now that I am on the path towards being a kid rather than being a baby or infant, I have learnt quite a few new tricks and am eating different items rather than just having milk.

Along with the rice ragi which I think is superb, Amma gives me water in a blue plastic spoon. That is the bit I hate. I dont like the water since I expect to be eating rice ragi. So I spray out all the water with making a ppppppwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffff sound. Appa and Amma laughed the first few times I did it, so I think they like it too and I'll keep doing it! I've also started having a little bit of boiled rice with some dal and vegetables. Initially I used to have carrot and now I've started having a mixed bag of cabbage, beans and carrot! I also take half a banana and I love it. I will soon start having apple as well since the doctor said I could.

Thats the food I have. Having eaten to my heart's (and tiny tummy's) content, I play quite a few games now and have learnt many viddhais (tricks). I learnt from Appa and Amma to play peekaboo (kaanum, itaachu). If anyone hides their face behind their hand and say kaanum, I try to remove the hand to see them. They're supposed to say itaachu when I do it! Then if I find any cloth nearby (or using my own frock sometimes) I do kaanum, itaachu by taking the dress upto my face and bringing it down. Appa and Amma feel that I get it wrong because I bring the dress down when they say kaanum and take it up when they say itaachu! Please tell them that I'm learning all this for the first time!

I told you all that I can sit by myself for a few seconds. Now I can do it for a lot of time, but I still can topple over sometimes. I actually sit on my own without anyone's help. When I'm down on my stomach, I push myself up, stick my leg out and then sit down quite easily. I love sitting down and I get a totally different view of the world. There was a big difference in the way things appeared when I went from lying on my back to lying on my stomach. Now things look so tiny and I have the privilege of looking down on my toys while previously they were at the same level as me! When anyone hugs me to their shoulder while they're sitting, I insist on bringing my legs down to their thighs and I try to stand up. Obviously they need to keep holding me otherwise I'll fall! But I really feel proud when I do that and I make my pleasure obvious by grinning and uttering sounds like aaaaaaaaaannnnnnn, aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy and mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa.

I went on a nice long journey a few weeks ago. The three of us went from Bangalore to Tanjavur while Sansui Thatha, Janu Paati, Sirkazhi kollu Thatha & Paati and Satish Chitappa joined us from Madras. We went to a couple of temples and then went to Sirkazhi. There I met Krishnan chinna thatha and Chitra chitti paati again. I loved the car journey and saw so many cars, trucks and buses on the road. It wasnt all great because I fell down from the bed once and wailed for a really long time. Nothing to worry though. I suspect I've inherited Appa's big head and am a hard nut to crack.

A couple of weeks ago, I learnt how to crawl. But I ended up crawling backwards for a few days. Appa and Amma were quite amused at this and then they found out that all babies do this. When Santhanam Thatha was here last week, I decided to take a step further, literally. I started crawling! I can do short distances now and typically Appa and Amma put my playthings all over the mattress or on the floor mat to make me crawl and get them. I am a little lazy though. When it is possible for me to just stretch out and grab it, I prefer not to crawl and I try to minimize the distance I crawl. After all, if I dont feel like crawling and I wail out loud enough, Appa or Amma will give me my toys, wont they? When Thatha was here, we went to a restuarant and I felt that it was unfair that Appa, Thatha and Amma were eating while I was watching. I still dont know what goes as breakfast, lunch or dinner. So I tried to grab the parathas and chola bhaturas which were on offer but wasnt successful. Instead I had to entertain myself with watching the balloons hung from the ceiling. The food was far more interesting!

Hey, remember I told you I love the Kumkumam magazine ad and had asked you all to tell them to not keep changing the ad. I think they listened to my plea and your recommendations. The ad has gone back to 'Best kanna best'! But that isnt the only thing I love on TV. I like the title music of quite a few serials like Anandam, Kolangal and Metti Oli. I also love the music they play on the SCV channel before the actual programme starts. All this is thanks to Amma. Appa watches NDTV regularly, so I like the music where the headlines are displayed. It goes tu tu tu tu tu toiiiiin.

Last week, Ganesh uncle and Radha aunty had a little boy. His name is Siddharth. I find it so amazing that there's someone even tinier than me! When I meet him in Madras, I will teach him all the tricks of the trade.

In case you were wondering if I was just fibbing when I said I can sit on my own now, this is how I do it.


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