November 16, 2006

Deepavali and school

Since Octoba, I've been going to a new play school. Every morning, I go with Amma in the auto. Initially she used to drop me there and stay there until school was over. After some days, she came back home and returned to pick me up when I came out of school (sobbing, most of the time!). Sometimes the auto man doesn't turn up. Amma swears at him. I picked that up too and used to say "Shaniyan, varala inniku" (That idiot hasn't come today). I think I've got to the stage where I can go to school on my own in the auto because even before Amma told the auto man where to go, I used to say "Indiranagar varuma?" (We need to go to Indiranagar, will you take us there?) and after coming out from school, I used to say "LBS Nagar varuma?"

I'm still adjusting to school. I've never woken up before 9 am in my life. I've never slept before midnight. But now, my sleeping cycle has changed so drastically. I'm sleeping at 10 at night and waking up before 8 in the morning! Sometimes, I wake up crying "Schoolku poganum" (I have to go to school). Other days I wake up smiling "Schoolku poganum"! It works both ways! Amma keeps a lot of nice snacks in my tiffin box, like biscuits, chocolates, chapatis, bread. Most of the time I eat it on the way back home!
A new hiding placeA bookworm familyChilling out on the cold floor
I now know many more rhymes than I knew before. I even know a rhyme in Hindi.
Postman aaya, postman aaya
Tring tring tring
Kitne packet laaya
Kitne packet laaya
Ek do teen
Ek do teen chaar paanch che saat aath nau das!
My rhyme goes
Postman aaya, postman aaya
Tring tring tring
Phitne packet phlaaya
Phitne packet phlaaya
Ek do teen
Ek do teen chaar paanch das!
Another song that I love is Paartha mudhal naale. In fact, I went to the CD shop and brought the movie home along with Appa. Ever since, whenever the song appears on TV, I scream "Paartha mudhal naale vardhu!"

I keep getting new CDs (rhymes, stories) regularly. I love the baby Hanuman cartoon CD. But I lose interest when Hanuman ummachi becomes big. I only love his antics as a child. I can even sing the "Akkadam bakkadam" song.
Ready to get cleanedCool poseDon't those coolers look a tad too large?
For Deepavali, we went to Madras. I enjoyed the trip to Madras in the train. I ate just about everything that was brought for Appa and Amma. I didn't eat anything that had been brought specifically for me from home! Deepavali was a lot of fun. I very rarely cried when I heard any crackers burst. I cried only when it was loud and very sudden. I even held matthaapu in my hand. Thatha, Amma, Appa and I went to the terrace and watched the lovely and colourful fireworks!
Holding the matthaapu with amma!Not scared at all, love the light in fact!As tall as the table
We went to see many people when we were in Madras: Kollu thathas, kollu paatis, several thathas and paatis, chitappas, atthais etc. I particularly enjoyed myself at Seenu thatha's house. Actually I enjoyed outside the house because I spotted a slide, swing etc. which reminded me of my playing time at Bangalore. I insisted that I be taken. I played in the mud for a long time and went down the slide many times!
Konjal from kollu paatiCautiously patting Sekar thathaAravind anna says something interesting, which has me, paati, amma and appa listening to him
Coming down the slide outside Seenu thatha's houseEnjoying the sand in the play area outside Seenu thatha's houseAbiramapuram kollu thatha and kollu paati
We went to the beach at Madras. I was thrilled to see so much sand! I immediately made a sand castle. Appa and Amma also made big castles. But it was very late when we went to the beach. So we couldn't stay for a long time. I have decided to go to the beach every time I go to Madras.
Chitappa and thatha fighting, or hugging?Building castles in the sand at Marina beachWith amma and Aravind anna at the beach

Every now and then, I drive Appa and Amma crazy or make them laugh by something or the other I say. Last week, after I came back from school, this is how our conversation went.
Amma: School-la enna solli kudutha? (What did they teach you at school today?)
Me: A B C
Amma: Aproma? (Then?)
Me: D E F
Amma: Grr ... aproma?
Me: G H I
Amma: Seri vidu di! (Ok, I give up!)
Then I started giggling
Another time, the 'Kumkumam' ad came on TV and I started singing
Kumkumam paarka, best kanna best
Veevudhi paarka, best kanna best
Sandhanam paarka, best kanna best
We all laughed about my creativity! Since this is now my third Deepavali, why don't you compare it with my previous two Deepavalis? My first Deepavali and my second Deepavali!

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veevudhi, sandhanam is super!

By Blogger Ganesh (Nov 16, 2006, 9:18:00 PM)  

Heh, heh, I like the trick you played on your amma.

By Anonymous MumbaiGirl (Nov 17, 2006, 5:45:00 AM)  

Hi. Can you please tell me who you are when you put in a comment? Since there has been all sorts of nonsensical spam in comments, from now onwards you'll have to enter the word shown to you before submitting your comment. I'm really sorry for this, but I really don't want to see spam in comments.

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