January 28, 2007

You've seen me. Now hear me!

School is actually turning out to be a lot of fun. Amma and appa seem to do most of the work. Not me. We had a 'Vehicle Day' at school. We also had an 'Animals Day'. Amma and appa made me a bus for vehicle day and drew 'Kaa' (the Jungle Book snake) for Animals day.
Praying before going to school'Kaa' snake (Jungle Book) for 'Animals Day' at school - made by Amma and AppaWearing a bus that Appa and Amma made for 'Vehicle Day' at school

There was a sports day too! I got a certificate and a medal. But please don't tell anyone that I cried a lot after amma left me at one end and went and stood at the other end and appa asked me to run towards amma. In the end, a teacher helped. But it was still a lot of fun. Whenever we go past the ground, I say 'Anniku sports dayku vandhene' (I came here for the sports day that day!)
Faking a smile for the photoI was wearing a dog mask for sports dayRunning race at sports day

At home, I had a lot of fun celebrating Kaarthigai. We all dressed up nicely and lit many lamps. I asked if I could take some lamps and keep them in other rooms but I was told that it was too dangerous. So I just enjoyed the lovely lighting. We kept lamps in all the rooms but by the time we returned from a mini-outing, the lamps were not burning any more. I've decided that I'll take care of the lamps department for the next Deepavali!
Posing with medal and certificate from sports dayDressed for KaarthigaiKaarthigak deepam at home

Mahesh mama celebrated his new home's 'Gruhapravesam'. Natarajan thatha and Indira paati had come from Trichy. Paati had made a lot of sweets and thengozhal which I really liked! Appa, amma and I stayed at his new home after the function. I really liked his new home. It had lots of new things - new tv, new fridge, new dining table, new sofa, new cot, new gas and new broomsticks too! During the puja, I helped amma with doing the 'aarathi' and I was really thrilled to do it! After we came back home, I told amma that I'd be watching the pazhaiya tv (old tv) and sleep in the pazhaiya bed (old bed)!
Doing aarathi with ammaAt Mahesh mama's new homeI wore these glasses nearly all day

I got a new pair (not pear!) of cooling glasses when we went to Bangalore Central. We met Kripa atthai and Sriram chitappa there. I had some masala tea and samosas at Coffee Day. Since then, I've become a huge fan of Coffee Day and whenever I know that we're planning to out somewhere, I make sure I tell amma and appa "Yenakku cold irukku illaya adhanala Mamma Mia poyi ice cream chaapda vendam. Coffee Day poi masala teayum samosavum chaapdalam" (Since I have a cough, we can't go to Mamma Mia for ice cream and so we'll go to Coffee Day and have masala tea and samosas). Coming back to the glasses, I wore it nearly all day when Satish chitappa, Santhanam thatha and Janu paati were in Bangalore for appa's birthday! Appa and I bought balloons and matching caps for everyone for the birthday. I enjoyed the cake that Mahesh mama had brought!
Saying the 'Thank you god' prayerAll of us wearing party hats and carrying matching coloured balloons for Appa's birthdayAppa all set to blow the candles on his birthday

After appa told me one day when carrying me on his head that girls have haircuts in beauty parlours and boys go to saloons, I decided that his hair was long enough to be cut. So I gave him a hair cut with the tongs amma uses to make chapaatis. I'm picking up quite a few tricks of the trade, including doing "pisshhhh pisshhhh" to spray water on the hair before starting the cutting. My next aim is to give appa a shave so that I don't have to say 'Appa, muttha kudukka mudiyalapa. Dhaadi kutthardhu' (Appa, I can't give you a kiss. Your beard prickles me). I keep chattering in a very high pitched voice. I hope I haven't driven amma (especially) and appa crazy. Appa was perhaps really fed up with my constant talking and he tried to seal my mouth! One of my favourite games now is to play with clay balls and make them into shapes or get others to do it. I've asked Satish chitappa to buy new clay balls and keep them ready for me at Madras. The other toy that I like is the blocks set that Sindoi paati bought for me (Krupa akka and Sharan anna also got blocks sets). I make tall buildings and cars from the blocks.
Giving appa a hair cutFed up of my constant chattering, appa sealed my mouth!Let's play with the clay

Vidhu chitti and Srini mama had come to visit us. When amma and I had gone to Trichy in Dechember, I had given Vidhu chitti a lot of advice on how she should eat without spilling, why she shouldn't say 'Ayyo' (I give Satish chitappa this advice often too!), etc. I hope she'll remember all those things and behave well. I made Srini mama read me some books and play clay with me. I don't think they were too thrilled when I also made them watch my rhymes CD and dance to the tunes at 10 in the night!
With Vidhu chitti and Srini mamaCozy in bed with ammaGuess who's supposed to be doing the colouring

We went to Madras for Pongal. Thatha had bought a set of crayons and colouring books for me because I really like drawing, scribbling, writing and colouring (with crayons or sketch pens or colour pencils). But more than me, Satish chitappa and amma were keen on doing the colouring! Satish chitappa has taught me two new games. One is basketball where he keeps a bucket on the ground and I throw the ball into the bucket. The other is an alphabet game. When he says 'K', amma responds with 'S' - their names begin with K and S. Then I learnt that when he said 'J', I should say 'S'. But appa's and Janu paati's names also start with 'J'. So they also respond with 'S'. Then Santhanam thatha has to respond too since his name also starts with 'S'! It is a lot of fun! I'm planning to teach others the game too! Janu paati made me rava laddoo and potato chips which I really liked. When we went to visit my kollu thathas and kollu paatis, Abiramapuram kollu thatha (Janu paati's appa) drew me a picture of a deer. He drew it very well. Abiramapuram kollu paati gave me sakkarai pongal and vadai. I preferred the vadai and I must have had around half-a-dozen vadais totally that day (on Pongal day). When we went to see Sirkazhi kollu thatha and paati, kollu thatha was not at home. Whenever I go there, I normally end up taking a nap. This was probably the first time I hadn't done it. When we were about to leave, kollu paati applied veevudhi on my netthi.
Gymnast in the makingAbiramapuram kollu thatha is drawing a deer for meSirkazhi kollu paati applies veevudhi

Since you're now very keen to hear how I sound, listen to me saying a few rhymes (Ninny nanny netticoat, Jingle bells, Elly the elephant & Mary had a little lamb) and tamil movie songs (Paartha mudhal naale and Loosu penne)

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Jaagruthi, you have a very,very sweet voice!

By Anonymous mumbaigirl (Jan 31, 2007, 8:13:00 PM)  

What a coincidence?! Sid's favourite songs are those 2, as of date.

By Blogger Ganesh (Feb 2, 2007, 10:47:00 AM)  

Jaagruthi, you are adorable!! Have you tried to get into the Guinness Book as the youngest blogger ever??

Lots of love

By Blogger Mallika (Feb 20, 2007, 4:43:00 AM)  

This is neat! But keep updating, folks! Don't just abandon this. It can grow into something really big.

By Blogger witnwisdumb (Feb 24, 2007, 11:02:00 AM)  

Jaaaaaaaaaaaagruthi, an update is long overdue. Where's that typist (Appa) of yours?

By Anonymous Anonymous (Jun 3, 2007, 4:21:00 AM)  

appa kita solluma, unnoda rhymes kaaka thookitu pochu. yenga pochunu theriyala. enakku unnoda rhymes oru vaati paadi kaaturiya? ennoda email ku anupu. seriya. tata. bye bye.

By Blogger balachandar muruganantham (Aug 28, 2007, 4:41:00 PM)  

I wonder how old you are? Well done blog, looks great.
Enjoy your life.
Greetings fromNew Zealand.

By Blogger Glennis (Nov 9, 2008, 7:08:00 AM)  

Hi. Can you please tell me who you are when you put in a comment? Since there has been all sorts of nonsensical spam in comments, from now onwards you'll have to enter the word shown to you before submitting your comment. I'm really sorry for this, but I really don't want to see spam in comments.

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