July 14, 2005

A lot of babbling, enjoying a birthday and a wedding

After returning to Bangalore, I had a surprise visitor last week: Chitappa. Thatha was already here barely ten days after we left from Madras. So I really enjoyed myself in their company showing some of the new tricks and words that I had learnt. Of course, they didnt understand most of my language since I need to teach them the vocabulary and words such as 'bakkum', 'bliyam' etc. Remember to ask me to shake hands or do a high-five with you when you see me. I can also do a 'mooku-mooku' almost perfectly now by rubbing my nose with yours and also tickle you by rubbing my soft face in your cheeks. Occasionally I might just stick my long tongue out and lick your face but you shouldnt mind it. Then I show you how to play hide-and-seek by covering my face with my hands when you say 'kaanum' and then taking it off to reveal myself when you say 'itaachu'. During the ayusha homam, I noticed that Appa and Amma were doing namaskaram so often. So I learnt it too. I just lie down on my stomach, turn my head to the side and grin. When I get up, you're supposed to say "Ok, okkachu" [sit] and I slap my leg with my hands. Amma taught me to do the blinkie and I impress everyone with my version of it where I use my tiny nose to advantage and give a great effect even though I dont really blink too much. If you ask me things like "Amma yenge?" [where is Amma?], I point to her and say "Adho!" [there]. I do it for lots of things I know, such as "Potty yenge?", etc.

Thatha took me on outings frequently and that now gives me the option of pointing to the door and saying "bub bye" whenever I feel bored. Appa and Amma keep postponing the "bub bye". If I ask for a "bub bye" at night, they say "Nalaikku saaingalam" [tomorrow evening]. When I ask for it the next day morning, when Appa leaves for work, they again say "Nalaikku saaingalam". Tomorrow never comes? Well, not if I stick to my current schedule. Of late, I've been taking a one-and-a-half hour nap from 5 in the evening. So by the time I wake up, it is almost dark and no one is around in the play area. We do go for a "bub bye" and that means I cant see "Anandam" and "Kolangal", two serials whose title songs I love. I crawl and walk around the corridor and play for a while on the sand. I've now overcome my fear of the slide and rather enjoy it, although I obviously need someone to hold me when I slide down. Then we go to the main gate where I keep climbing up and down the stairs. So I do manage to get my outing, except I cant really meet my friends who've all gone home by then.

I mentioned last month about how I can say "Ba" when someone hangs up the phone with an "Ok". Nowadays when the phone rings, I take my hand to my ear and say "Haou" (hello!). In fact, even when the phone doesnt ring, I keep pointing to it and say "Haou". Next time you talk to me on the phone, you can try and ask me some questions to which I know answers. For e.g. if you ask me "Auto yeppadi pogum?" [What sound does the auto make?], I will respond with a "trrrrrrrrrr". You can also ask me about the sounds made by various animals such as bow wow (dog), poonai (cat), yaanai (elephant), korangu (monkey), etc. In fact I learnt about the monkey when I got a monkey bommai for my birthday. It makes a very shrill shrieking sound whenever someone goes past it and many people have been scared the first time they heard the sound. Not me!

My first birthday was superb. Cutting the birthday cake Paati, Amma, Thatha, Chitappa and Appa had bought cakes, other snacks, dunce caps, decorative 'jigna' paper, festoons, etc. Before the party started, they were decorating the house. I found it very interesting that they were doing something different and I was very excited about it. The layout of the living room had also been changed to accomodate everyone who came and so the chairs and sofa set had been moved around, giving me a lot of place to crawl. Lots of people had come home and we all had a lot of fun. I got many gifts, among them a huge teddy bear. When I sit down beside it, we're about the same height. I also got to dance with Prithvi anna to the phone ring!

Trichy Thatha came and took me and Amma to Trichy that night. Checking out the kitchen I stayed there for a week and Mahesh mama taught me to give a flying kiss. I also learnt to climb up the stairs, although it is only now that I'm figuring out how to climb down a staircase. I met Priya and Abarna chittis as well as Bhavani kollu paati. I must have last seen them when I was barely five months old when we went there for Deepavali. Trichy Thatha and Paati showed me all around the house and I hope to find my way around the next time I go there.

I love the way my paavadai unfolds When I can speak a few more words, I'm going to demand a big new cupboard all for myself. I have so many new clothes now. I got some for my aayusha homam and birthday. Then there was a marriage I participated in as well - Sriram chitappa and Kripa atthai's. Now I'm confused what to call them since they are both cousins of Appa. I think I'll need to think about that! The wedding was very enjoyable. Enjoying the high perch I particularly enjoyed sitting on the high pile of chairs and plucking at the flowers placed in the mandapam. I even sat beside Kripa atthai during the 'oonjal' function and definitely had a lot of fun! In the evening when I was perched on Thatha, he was called up on stage to say something. When I heard him speak, I wanted to see what he was saying and leant over to see his face. Everyone laughed at this.

Ok, this doesnt look like I had fun, but Appa didnt click at the right time!
Dance step?

Carol Mami and Sharan Anna had come to see me when we were in Madras. I didnt get to play too much with him but he seemed to know me. He kept saying "Jaagruthi papa" and hid behind mami. Mami played with me for a long time though. I also pointed to him and said "Anna" and tried to flash him a few smiles. Maybe he needed some time to get used to me.

I've learnt to say "Up" and show a diamond with my hands when I hear "Twinkle twinkle little star" being sung. Amma taught me a rhyme to make me remember various relations. It goes "Amma, Appa, Thatha, Paati, Mama, Mami, Chitappa, Chitti, Perimma, Perippa, Akka, Anna, Paapa, Thambi". I remember most of it and when I hear "Paapa" immediately I blurt out "Ambi". Coincidentally I started saying it around the time Appa and Amma saw "Anniyan". So Appa says that I know the hero's name is "Ambi" and it proves I'm a cinema nut.

Ganesh mama, Radha mami and Siddharth papa, who is six months younger than me, visited us at Bangalore a few days ago. I couldnt play too much with him but I kept saying "Paapa" and blabbered some of my vocabulary to him. I'm not sure if he understood. Neither did his parents. He seemed to like the windmill toy. When you wind it up, it plays a nice sound and at the same time, you can see a man at work striking something with a hammer. That calmed him down for a while. I can imitate his crying though. When Appa asked me later "Yaaru vandha?" [who came home?], I said "Paapa" and when he asked "Paapa enna pannithu?" [what did the baby do?], I said "mmmmmmm mmmmmm" indicating that he cried.

As you can see, it has been a hectic month and that is why I've taken my own sweet time to write to you all! Bub bye!

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Why haven't you added any more blog. I love reading about J

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