January 27, 2006

Romba chandhocham

Last month, Appa celebrated his birthday. Amma and I gave him a huge surprise by going to CMH Road all by ourselves and buying him clothes. It was a very thrilling journey. It was the first time I walked on a main road footpath. I was obviously holding Amma's hand during our shopping excursion. Amma told Appa that she felt like she was taking a puppy out for a walk because I barely reached upto peoples' hips and because I stopped so frequently to take a look at a huge bus which went past us or the steps leading up/down to the shop etc. The three of us went out for dinner along with Mahesh mama and Karthik mama to 'Roomali with a view'. I didn't really care too much for the food, but the fountain there was fascinating and that is where I spent most of my time.

We went to Madras and like I mentioned last month, we visited our new flat at Madras. It was really interesting seeing a new place and it took me a few days to get used to it. Thatha took several videos of my antics with his new camera while I did my best to distract paati from working on her Sudoku, and kollu thatha from helping her, through those same antics.

The new flat is very near to many shops which sell valayal and that is good enough for me. I'm now totally crazy about valayal. In fact just about everyone has realized that they can bribe me into going out with them or allowing them to carry me just by buying me a brand new set of valayal. Alternately, I also get bribed by offers of allowing me to climb up and down staircases. I really do need to set higher goals. Perhaps I should insist on actual jewellery rather than plastic/metal valayal.

Thatha, paati, chitappa, amma, appa and Aravind anna came out with me to a restuarant for dinner on New Year's day. Once again, I didn't care too much about the food. This time around, the steps were far too enticing, as well as the lift which kept going up and down. When I was at Madras, I saw three other paapas - Siddharth, Abhijeeth and Achyuth. While I did play with Siddharth, Abhijeeth was too kutti for me and I ended up playing with his rattle etc. and Achyuth was asleep! I did bring away one of his toys though!

Amma and I then went to Trichy for Pongal by a day train. It was yet another first experience for us, just the two of us, and of course a few other passengers ... or innoru mama/mami as I say. I really enjoyed the trip, especially when the coffee man went past us saying "coffee coffee". I imitated him a few times and everyone around us laughed. Every time the train stopped, I told amma Trichy vandhudthu, bag yeduthundu jerangalama?. Quite a few times amma told me that we still had some distance to go and I started crying because I wanted to get down at that station. Amma then explained that Trichy thatha would come and see us and then we'd get down. That satisfied me significantly.

At Trichy, I played with a lot of Sharan anna's toys. Mahesh mama was also there and I took the liberty of asking him once Mahesh, nee yenna pannare? when he was busy with his laptop game. We enjoyed the chooper pongal etc. which paati made as well as the murukkus, which I especially liked. Sindoi paati bought me a Tweety chair, which I really like. Abarna akka (same rules apply to her as for Aravind anna) came to see me and she played with me for a while. I didn't let her lift me though, but apparently she was the first one in the family who used the word 'dap dap' to refer to a staircase since Trichy thatha taught her that way. Since then Krupa appa, Sharan anna and now I use 'dhap dhap'! Chitra perimma, Roby perippa and Krupa akka called us up on Pongal and the moment thatha said 'Krupa kutti', I insisted on appa taking Krupa akka's photo from the shelf and showing it to me. I even blew a few kisses to her!

I can now tell you the names of my Madras and Trichy thathas and paatis. Madras thatha and paati are Chanthanam thatha and Janu paati while Trichy thatha and paati are Natajan thatha and Indija paati.

Along with enjoying songs on TV, I can now imitate the anchor on Sun Music. See this video Appa took of me saying 'Unga kooda pesiniadhula romba chandhocham. Gajini lerndhu Suttum sudar paatu podarom. Enjoy pannunga'. In fact I enjoy it so much that if appa or amma switch to watching something else when a favourite song is on, I repeatedly say vaddhaa paaru. I've now discovered that saying things repeatedly in a shrill voice ultimately drives people nuts and they do what I want them to. Useful, that!

After we returned to Bangalore, we had a surprise visit from Chanthanam thatha, Ramani thatha and Mala paati. Since I didn't allow Ramani thatha and Mala paati to carry me initially, I got bribed by valayal and an outing. They tried to compete with me in staying awake at night, but they couldn't last beyond 10.30 pm. I won! Yaaaaaaaaay! Appa and amma bought me a new 'ghaghra' yesterday. I rather like it! It reminds me of wearing a similar one at Kripa athai & Sriram chitappa's wedding. There is some new furniture at home now, including a nice jhoola I love lying down on.

I no longer use my potty for moocha. I am taken to the bathroom and I squat there. I feel quite proud about it!

The latest story amma tells me at night before I go to sleep is the rabbit-tortoise one. After a couple of days, when she asked me Jungle-la enna irundhudhu?, I say "Lion". Vera enna?. I reply "Innoru lion"!

On that funny note, bye ... unga kooda pesinadhula romba chandhocham!

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We thoroughly enjoyed Jaagruthi's mimic of Uma ! It was very sweet. Her blog is very interesting as always - Praveen & Nisha

By Anonymous Anonymous (Feb 6, 2006, 11:09:00 AM)  

Hi Jaagruthi-hey it's time for another post-tell your appa. Also tell him to add translations when you speak Tamil because not all of us understand it. Your video was very cute!

By Blogger MumbaiGirl (Feb 26, 2006, 3:31:00 AM)  

There's another post now :) As for the translations, sometimes I put them in brackets after the Tamil word. On some other occasions, you can move your mouse over terms which are underlined with dashes. A tooltip shows the English translation!

By Blogger Jagadish (Mar 4, 2006, 12:27:00 AM)  

Hi. Can you please tell me who you are when you put in a comment? Since there has been all sorts of nonsensical spam in comments, from now onwards you'll have to enter the word shown to you before submitting your comment. I'm really sorry for this, but I really don't want to see spam in comments.

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